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April 5, 2018     The Democrat-Reporter
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April 5, 2018
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@e lemo - eporter Page 2 Thursday, April 5, 2018 :"::*~ -- : : ~:"::: :';::::~::9:!::i :: i -~ ~ ~ :~ : : EDITQIRIAL5 Comments by the editor are opinions, reasons, or recommendations Send your written and signed opinions to the Editor, P, O, Box 48[]040, Unden, Alabama 36748 Writ Letters of Their Opinions Send Your Letter to P. O. Box 480040. Linden Alabama 36748 Demopolis man says SSI stolen - Dear Mr. Goodlove Stntou ~.You thaw my stuff in a pile of Wash. I want Justice. Now. I I need your help. This Mr. wen too school and finish highe in Johnny Crocker (Sr). I had being class. I Join the Army as an trying to get on disability for along Elearicint, field wireman and a time and SSI Benefit. I hired the military police. smartest hwyer in Demopolis I serve my country (my life) (Mrs.MonicaGrecu)andshohelp (God help). I have three sons- John me and I thank her for her (deeds). Smith Jr, Kentrell Johson, Joh But this is tbe Question I reported Gilbert. I have ~ report on the my lump sums had beem stolen, cdme you're all have copies from and allmy money hadbeen talking the Demopolis Dept and Sheriff from Region Bank and I reported Dept. Know what you have kin sit to Demopolis Police Depatlment and Think it may be one of your and the Sheriff Dept. No own when I went to school they , taught me civic, history, Eng.g.g.g~, and n,axlorn science. De you all know what- The:Tee Amendment I believe in tl~lst, 3rd, 25th 7- P.S. Again I told you all my check you know I got two @y of each. You police got copy to~md Sheriffto. :- (All men should be equal- B~ck or White. All blood ar Red.) : I want mine. : :. Sincerely your =~ Johlmy Crocker : :2 Marengo County commissioners and vari- ous town councils should already have a fist of roads which need repairing and bridges which are not quite as sturdy as they should be. The infrastructure plans of President Donald Trump may provide our area money we can use to make our roads and bridges safer for motorists. If our leaders can get together on the con- cept that divided four lane highways are safer than two lane highways and that indus- try favors adequate transportation, then maybe we can get some cohesiveness among our councilors and commissioners. Folks, the elected representatives and sen- ators in Washington are politicians. That's why we have to send somebody to talk to them, face to face. When you see a local politician which we have elected, suggest to them that the four lanes on Highway 43 will'be safer for our motorists and will also facilitate the location of industry with good paying wages. Also, it will get the semi tractor trailer rigs off our city streets and to their destinations faster and safer. Now is the fmae to take action. First of all, the president is sponsoring an infrastructure bill to do exactly what we have just outlined. Second, our U. S. Senator Richard Shelby will be chairman of the appropriations com- mittee and he knows about our area and our needs. As chairman, he can steer a few bil- lion our way. Third, we do not want to repeat mistakes of the past when in 1950 Highway 80 was to be four laned from Georgia to Mississippi, and our illustrious state senator from Demopolis owned a service station on the old highway and did not want a motorist to go by his place and not have the opportunity to buy a co-cola. That thinking still exists in some towns. And Highway 80 still isn't finished after almost 70 years. Northeastem American media continues to portray Hillary Clinton as an intellectual per- son who can be president of the USA. We don't think Lillie Langtree would hire her. Most American voters didn't hire her. Seize the moment, instant gratification, do it now, and all the hype for fast paced action does not work in the United States congress. When our members of congress are given the time to read and debate bills before it, things move painfully slow for the television news readers. Things were designed this way by the founding fathers. When Nancy Pelosi noted the passage of Obama Care she commented that now it is passed, we can see what's in it. Joe Biden thought he was whispering but his microphone was still working when he told his boss, "This is a big f. deal!" Pelosi was speaker of the House of Representatives. Biden was Vice President. Both are good Democrats, at least as good as they get. Together they gutted our military, ignored our highways, fostered and abetted criminal aliens who robbed, raped, killed, and heaven only knows what else. The law of the land was ignored in their plot to form a dictatorship with Bill Clinton at the top. You realize by now they had the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation working as their per- sonal police force. The Department of Defense was defenseless against their fund cutting. They were so close to creating this dicta- torship that those who know cringe. Folks, it was so close that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was shocked and in awe. Watch for him to begin emerging like a raging bull with arrests and indictments of those corrupt officials coming in the thou- sands. However, he may need to move even slower until federal judges who respect the law are appointed. USPS 153-380 Published every Thursday "at The Democrat-Reporter at 201 ,o~ ~ ~o~,~o,~,~,: Editor- sher To beann unced P. O. Box 480040, Linden. Alabama 36748 Telephon~ 334/813-5444. e ~- ~~ 1~. M.=~o~.~-~,~ Production Manager Henry Walt rs fished 1889. Consolidated 1911 ~s The Dernocrat-R~. r . Periodicals postage paid at I~mopolis, Alabama. dling. i ]~; : OLD TIMES BY THE LATE JOEL D. JONES ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FE3BRUARY 6. 1943 Preacher tried to scare young people with his tales of Satan (Continued from last week) comforts and where the fast tables were set: He was- After the log rolling dinner, all went back to held~ great awe by the young people, a~l ~-" work, and logs piled high before they knocked off entlyin greatreverence to the elders. He feared to be to get ready for the "breakdown" that would be danced until the m(xC.e~ reminded all daylight was near. The fiddler was l~dy with bis fiddle and the three gallion jug was hid where all codd find it, and in the dining room, scuplx,nnong wine heavy dashed with gin, served well with tea cakes and gin- ger wafers, if a string on the fiddle broke, there was no time lost, or someone would begin "Ronnd the Rosy Bush ~" and the dance would conlinne. There were other entertainments. I remember the "infairs" proceeding the weddings, the social quilt- ings, fish fries, the spelling matched and plays at the end of schools and the Sunday School at the Presbyterian Church. There were not enough Presbyterians to make up the school, so the Methodist and Baptist furnished the numbers and the the Preshyterian the building. If crops were good and the year pmsparous, at ~ as them came to some homes music hoxes, parlor organs, plush bottom chairs, painted vases, new bedsteads and new mg for the guest room. Farm life was very real where distances were great. The family doctor could not be reached on short notice so every home had its medicine chest and a big cloth bound pack of family remedies. In the chest were asafetida, vermifuge, glo- goric, laudanum, elomel, quinine, mphim, castor oil, Dovers' powders, mutton suet, sodium salts, mustard liniment and in the closet a jug of red liquor. However, there were limes when a doctor had to come. Fever, broken limbs, or diph- theria usually meant a new little place in the family bur- ial lot. Tbe druggist was a middle man between the Joel family doctor and family medicine chest. He meastm~ doses of ~ and other such medicine. We must remember this was the day when turkey tail fans, fide saddles, crazy quilts, the beaver plait, paper lamp lighters, kerosene lamps, black gum tooth brtts~, celluloid collars were used in where todo and the majority ofthe others who fol- lowed their manner of riving. The mint impomnt man in tbe community, was the preacher. He spent little time in his own home, when the lord called him to these fields, be came with or without invitation to spent the night and many days in the home where there were more called an indifferent, one who had probably not received the "Divine Call" if be did not cany the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. He ate and prayed irreverantly and to great excess himself; even now my spiritual attitudes now is bent and confused and unretained because oftbe teachings of lhis man who confounded all who would walk uprightly and walk after righteomress in a com- mon sense and simpie manner. From the preacher's teachings I imagined an opinion of Satan. He taught lhat the Devil was tall, with a long tail, bulging eyes and sharp horns, and fire was blown from his nose when be strode about the world conquering men made from God's image, qho lost furnished the test for his discouragement more lhan the Sermon on the mount, and his theme was that to scare youths, was more effective lhan the preaching of salvatioo and the promise of reward for good deeds. I well remember how he pictured heaven. He made it such a real place, it was a real city, wilh no touch of open country, long slreets paved with gold, nothing but sunshine and joy. people played on ha~s with a thousand strings, and stood at atten-: dance while Gabriel blew his horn. No visit from this preacher was complete until he had mournfully reviewed all duties that he had saddened the neighbor-. hood s'mce his last visit. He was quite free to speculate: upon the ullimate end of those who still survived, and quite as frank in giving: his opinions as to which : harbor that departed soul had found its anchorage. Family prayer always camo. last. Two or three of the:. The late Desaker Jones longest chapters in the Old Testament were read, the. nuptial chapters of the last part of Daniel were his favorites or if be chose John in bis old age and read from Revelations. I can look back and see lhat Preacher, as he wrapped himself in his cloak of self-righteousness : folded his arms in complete resignation to the loss of a world in sin, and glorified Satan by stories ofhis: mighty power. This preacher died when I was quite ahoy, and I have no doubt but that be is at rest, for I think be preached what be thought was fight. So long until next time. The Red Barn Restaurant & Lounge 1 Great Steaks Party Room Available 1 Great Seafood Hwy 80 Demopolis 1 Great Atmosphere 289-0595 +