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September 20, 2018     The Democrat-Reporter
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September 20, 2018

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Page 2 Thursday, September 2 0, 2 018 ~>.:,*z~ ~'~ ~ ~.~ ; ~'~lg.=t: :: T - -- EDOTQIRIAL$ Comments by the editor are opiniom, recL,or recommendations, Send your written and signed opinions to the Editor, P. O, Box 480040, Linden, Alabama 56748 Watching for a week the oncoming talk about make predicting the path morn Hurricane Florence aimed the coast of the accurate. Carolinas gave us a preview of what we may There were millions who evacuated the need to copy in the future, hopefully far dis- coastal area in the Carolinas with eight lane tant future, highways closed to incoming traffic. Hurricane Fredrick hurled 85 mph winds Which leads one to think of Alabama's at Marengo County for eight hours in 1979 gulf coast. The only major out mute is the or 1980 -- that's too far back to remember Interstate 65. exactly. We have advocated for years that the four Folks from the coast flooded through this laning of Highway 43 would aid greatly in county during the winds and rain. One any evacuation of the coast in the event of a restauranteur was feeding folks for only a major hurricane. There are some ears that lis- promise they would send payment, ten. Forecasting is more accurate today with Were our mayors, council members, and the satellites looking down on top of hurri- county commissioners, and probate judges canes. Also, computerized tracking with the from Thomasville north join the chores, a lot effects of cold fronts, warm fronts, jet more ears would listen and we could make streams, and all that stuff that meteorologists Alabama safer. , Some female tennis payer cussed out the you disagree with a 5% or more descendan- referee and got fmed$17,fl ii " Australian cy of a slave, you are a racist. cartoonist drew a carieat, g the We see scores and scores of cartoons player stomping on her racquet (a pacifier depicting the honky president we have now. was drawn in, too) and hordes of people Most of them are mean spirited and are deft- who do facebook and twitter, etc call it nitely racist, using the same strandard. racist. No liberal uproar here. It seems not to matter what the facts are, if Tribal chanting while Democrats try to disembowel President Donald Trump through any means was highlighted last week during the hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a justice on the U. S. Supreme Court. The party has become rabid, not unlike the communists in Russia and China last century. Common decency and respect means nothing to Democrats anymore. Only getting elected! Reading commentaries on high school and college football games attendance drop- ping lets us know for sure that the adults are trying to get so greedy for money that killing off or maiming the young athletes in the summer heat will bring in more money. Attendance, you mongers of death and mayhem, is not based on your desire for more money. It is based on a pleasant atmos- phere in which to watch these football games. The third week in September will be the time to start football season for high schools. If you want a bunch of play off games, then limit regular season to eight games and play offs to three games. Get rid of daylight savings time and start the local games at 8:00 p. m. when the tem- perature has cooled off. Sure, it will be 10:00 or 11:00 when the games are finished, but all the young boys will still be alive and healthy. Fans will be happy or sad, depending on who won. Some of the young male alums will get feisty and try to knock somebody down for extra entertainment for the fans. Fans rash to make a tight circle so the dirt bags can punch each other out. 's funny how people love a fight unless they are in it and lose. So, you adults, instead of chastising fans for not supporting your team, chastise the adults who make football a religion with human sacrifices. Gentiles trying to act like Jews is ridicu- lous. Let kids play the game and you make it pleasant for fans. Write A With Anythim Send Letters to: Box 480040 Linden, Ala. 36748 We don't even read the letters which are not signed; nor do we read mass or electronically produced letters. Write your opinions, sign your name, and mail your letter - original with name. USES 153-380 Nb@ ov{~ry Thursday at The l] nlocrat-R~ at 201 Postnaatttcr.W~st Third pleascA stead changes of address s tYto: 6748. Editor-Publisher To be announced P. O. Box 480040, Linden, .adabaxrta :36748 Tel~ph~]n~ ~34/~ 13-54a4. l~ st, a~lishcd Production Manager Henry Waiters 1889, cotxe.olt~ 1911 as ~ Ixl~naoc:rat-R~c)xt~t'. Peffiiodicals po~tage paid at D~nolx~lis. Alabama. Composition Erica Hayes ati~g. Write Letters of Their Opinions Send Your Letter tO P. O. Box 480040, Linden Alabama 36748 Adventures promotes Black Belt F ~to~ ' The Democrat-Reporter Box48(D40 IJnden,Alalxmaa 36748 Ml~e Perdn dreporter2@yabno~m Gnod moming! Please see the attached guest editorial offering from Pam Swanmr, Direetor of the Ahbama Black Belt Adventures Association, on the upcoming 10th annivemary of the non-profit oganimfion and the slmng rela- fionsh~ it has built to pmmo~ outdoor tourism in the area According to the Outdoor h&L~ Association's 2017 report, outdoor recreation :ount- ed for $14 billion in consurmr spending in Alabama. Of that, at least $4.87 billion was spent in Black Belt counties. Our state reaped the benefits of outdoor moeation spending in the collec- tion of $857 ton in ~a~ and local tax revenue. Outdoor recre- ation generates 135 900 direct jobs in Alabama and $3 9 billion in wages and salaries. Alabama's Black Belt region, as defined by ALBBAA, is made up of 23 counties that span the south-central section of the state from Mississippi to Georgia. The region makes up pare of four of Alabama's seven congressional districts. As of the 2010 census, just over 500,000 residents -of a total Alabama population of 4.78 million - live in the Black Belt. The Alabama Black Belt Adventures Assodation promotes these counties as part of the Black Belt: Barbour, Bullock, Butler, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, CrensMw, Dallas, Greene, Hale; Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Marengo, Monroe, Montgomery, Pemy, : Pickens, P~, Russell, Sumter, " Tuscaloosa and Wtlcox. : il}ii iiiii !!!Si,!!,!ii!ili!iiiiii!iiii!ili!iii i! OLD TIMES BY THE LATE JOEL D. JONES ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JULY 29, 1943 Dread, shun slavery of debt; honor fiches above sociely The destiny of future generations -- their educa- tion, morals, social training, and intellectual ability - are and always have been in the hands of the motlem and fatl, . Especially is the mother respousa'ble for the early training of the children, as she is constantly associated with them and teaches the innocent rogues to flame their first words. The parents are the sources from which v~ons reams of information branch out, and their children naturally look to them for insa~on. Let all the advice and example be pure and conect so they can safely fol- low in your path. The action and thoughts of your children will be the channel of your conduct and teaching led thereto believe is right. Did you ever think of your child's brain as being like a fertile filed in which no seed has been blown, and God, in allowing you to be parents,has entlUSt- ed to you the cultivation of its mind and sowing of the proper seed that will grow up and at maturity bring forth an abundant harvest. After you have implanted the germ of good, your wo& of cultivation has just begun. It is not sufiident just to sow the seed, but you must keep down the weeds and thistles, and the ground in a soft yielding con~tion, so ~ ~e seed sown rnany X~n its fi~ and yield an abundant mmm. Mothers, teach your "daughters honesty, virtue, to bridle their virtues, and to be domestic. Fathers ~,~h your sons ~fi~y, hon~y, and mdusay, and watch over your daughters; see to it that they are not allowed to go in company with men of doubtful cha[aaer, better never wed than married to dissipat- ed, reprobated wreck, for what is life without happi- ness? Riches cannot make us happy. Happiness for your girls in married life consists in love for their husbands, their children, and the beautifying of their homes, but if they are pennitmd to many blindly what appears to be a man and a gentleman, when your interference could have prevented, you can be held responsible for their misery. After the mask wom by tbe man in courtship is tom aside, and he aplxars to her for the firs~ time as he is, he becomes revolting to the poor girl that will have to be to him a wife. She is disgust- ed, mortified, and loses con- fidence in him which means the love she "had entertained from him has fled and her life is but a wreck. Again we say, watch over the lives of your sons and daughmm, and to be to them a staff on which they can learn with safety along the paths ofnfe. We have known parents to protest against their daughter's man~e when they were wrong, and the &augh~ ~oved fight when she n~fied the one she loved, and thereafter lived a happy life; on the other hand, we have known parents to do all in their power to prevent their daughter's marriage proved to be an unhappy one and resulted in separation, with the gift thrown out on the world and the hus- band, probably, serving a term in prison. We cannot know what is best. The late Joel Desaker Jones There's an old saying that if a young man saves his first lO dollms he will succeed, andifhe saves his first hundred dollards he will be rich; and any young man can save that much in a yeur if he will leave whiskey and society alone. Sodety will a young man poor. I am thinking of a married man who is bowed down with debt while his family is trying to keep on the ragged edge of society. A milliner makes their clothes, and they are obliged to ride in a new car when they go visiting. They are compelled to go tlae ballgames and can- not "afford to miss a picture show and must have cold drinks every day, and attend all the dances, and smoke the best smoke that can be bought. Such peo: ple are the talk of tbe couna'y and don't know it. There are young men in every community who have been working for years who have not laid up a dollar. They must take a young lady to every show that comes along "and spend money on every "dance, for those who dance must pay the fiddler. Capital is very particular. When the capital wants a young man it looks around for one who doesn't smoke, drink, or gamble; one who saveshis money and doesn't nan about every night. Family influence isn't worth a cent now. A young man stands on his own merits, his habits, his associations. There's no excuse for a young man failing to get employment in this age when there is a blue book in every com- munity and your name is on it. If a young man can't get rich fast he can go slow. If be began young and worked hard and behaved well he will accumulate a plenty for his old age.Age wants money. It wants rest and should have it. "Pitium cure dignitate" is the latin for dignified leisure. But I heard a circuit judge say it meant"rest comes after digging" Dig fast and rest afterwards. Old age doem't want to get up on a cold morning and cook breakfast. Youth are brought up to regard fleedom as their gleatest blessing. They learn from the lips of their leach- ers; they breathe it in the atmosphere around them. Shvery would be to them a degradation which even would be preferable. Let tbem be taught to dread and( shun the slavery of debt; the prize above the riches or honor or luxury or pleasure that independence which owes no man anything but love and good will. Such a habit of thought of life would make the crimes of faulffulness and fraud impossible. Character thus purified and made whole- some at its source would continue to flow on in clear unsullied streams for the m(nal health and vigor of society. A young man entered the office of a highly bred man, and the man said to then young man, "have a seat and make yourself at home" The young man, having seated, himself comfoaably, but mislaking a nice little table for a footstool, remadaxl, "I always make myself at home" The man made a quick response, "Then I pity the people at home" So long until next time.