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May 21, 2015     The Democrat-Reporter
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May 21, 2015

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Page 2 Thursday, May 21, 2015 READERS ..J_.heir ODinions .... Send Your Letter to P. O. Box 480040, Linden Friends of Gaineswood call for unity 6 Histuy). transition plan effective January (P L? lilF TheDemocrat-Reporter Moreover, the bill also directs 1,2015. , .......................................................................... : (effective January 1, 2016) that the Without these funds and the sup- .................... State of Alabama Officials, Local Commission would divest its owner- port of the AHC, it would be virtual- .#:::.S ............. Officials and Gaineswood ship in two house ly impossible for the respective :/:: :: Supporters: museums,Gainesweod (Demopolis) Friends groups to assume full owner- -- In case you were not aware, and Magnolia Grove (Greensboro) ship and conlrol of Gaineswood and t HB584 sponsored by 'Rep.Mike by transferring them to the respec-. Magnolia Grove house museums.  111 Holmes, R-Wetumpka, has been five, Friends groups currently operat- As we all know, Gaineswood, a 1 introduced for passage in the ing the houses. To my dismay, the National Historic Landmark, along Alabama State Legislature. A sum- plan proposed in the Bill was ina'o- with Magnolia Grove are center- I mary and analysis of .the Bill is duced for passage without any prior pieces for tourism in Alabama and I '" ':: attached to my e-mail, discussion or input from the affected the Black Belt region. I ":: ..... The Bill, a part of the Home state agencies or Friends Groups. We respectfiflly request you sup- GOP's budget plan, would among , The Billcontains numerous omis- port our opposition of HB584 by I , | I other things effectively dismantle the sions and inconsistencies which need contacting your House Alabama Historical Commission  to be addressed. Specifically, the Bill Representative and Senators by e- 4  I AHC) and consolidate some but not would apparently cut off all future mail or a personal phone call at 1 all of the AHC historic sites into two operational funding to Gaineswood i other state agencies ( Department of and Magnolia Grove already agreed John Northcutt / C,i €" .... Conservation and Natural Resources to by the AHC and the respective President ..i%r).,., :,,; and Deparlment of Archives and Friends groups under a three year Friends of Gaineswood Grandfather Morris not Koch " i was , )( Editor Koch. My grandfather was Leon Morris will stop spinning in his Oatnm 1 the are qainia, reasot,  rea:mnm:iat.icrB... The Democrat-Reporter Morris. He  and Henry Hayden grave. Which makes me think about Good evening, Goodloe. founded the Merchants Grocery what a good article you could do on Send your written and signed opinions to the Editor, P. O. Box 480040, Unden, Alabama 36748 Good to see you after aJl these Company in 1910. The story I read - the Jewish cemetery in Demopolis. years. I would love to talk soon, and you did a good summary - was pub- Have you ever visited? Quit being fat is healthy have your office number. When lished in the Sewanee Review earlier Have youwrittenanaccountof would be a good time? this year. It is the oldest continuous- what it is like to be the editor/pub- I would like to thank you for ly published literary review in lisher of a paper in a small Southern spelling my name right. And thanks America, so of course I was delight- town? You must have reams of In the theater, the big man sidled down into ty. for making my cheeks rosy. ed. The other stuff is niinor, but I material. I would love to read it. However, there ar a couple of other would appreciate a correction about Take care.and let me hear. a seat. His flabby upper arms, as round as a On the wall of a cardiologist's office are things. I am no relation of Isadore Isadore, so my grandfather Leon Rusty Goldsmith big man's thigh, took up half the space of the several signs with pictures of the heart and seat to his fight and the other ann took up half blood vessels. Among the topics of preventing the space of the seat to his left. His torso was heart disease were stop smoking, quit being OLD TIMES BY THE LATE JOEL: D, JONES so fat he could not bring his arms inside his fat, eat healthily. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED DECEMBER 21, 1939 normal seat area. Off the wall in the break room after some Best guess is he weighed over 50O pounds, exotic machine took pictures inside bodies, Lody from Louisville wants Sadly, the lady accompanying him had several folks sat around and talked. One said arrived earlier and herlatitudal dimensions and his wife had clogged arteries but she drank a information about Bakers her longitudal dimensions appeared equal, little cup of vinegar mixed with honey every Somewhere, sometime ago, a physician day and her arteries were opened up. I have a letter from a young lady of Louisville, er of the young lady, however, I do not know for opined that the obesity of a person reflects the Red wine has always been a staple of good Kentucky, wanting information about relatives, sure as she writes under another name, and I pre- low:mentality of that'peon ....... hea]th dsttual wealth when imbibed at.. s6e 6f'vhichonce lived in'Marengo County, the sume she is now married, but she signed her name We can assurethe gooddoct0r that we know communion. Th e question is about the false Beif'maily. She sent me'the names of Alpheus E. "Miss." Baker, Benjamin HI Baker, and Bertsil B. Baker. Alpheus E. Baker, was born March 24, 1834, some skinny people who demonstrate low prophecy of grape juice t communion -- I find that many Baker families lived in near,Linden, Marengo County, Alabama, and died mentalities quite frequently, grape juice is too sugary d doesn't do a Alabama, back in the old days, some of which were . January 27, 1910, at Meridian, Mississippi. He was Any size will demonstrate low mentality body much good. Someldemons in the abstain- at one time citizens of Marengo County, and prob- a son of John W., and Martha Jane Baker, and when they are smoking dope or snorting dope ing churches slip a little |odka into the grape mation.ably related to the young lady who writes for infor- grandson of JohnBaker, was a soldier of the or snitfing dope. Some homemade marijuana juice decanters before tl cups are poured. Alpheus Ber, was a lawyer and a Brigadier MarengoReV°luti°narYcounty,War'Alabama.Wh° came from Ireland, to is floating around and killing young people. If the big guy had  more wine and left General, in the tCorffederate States Army. He was Mr. Baker, formed a partnership with his brother, born May 23, 125, in Abbeville, South Carolina, R.H. Baker, in Selma, in the wholesale grocery They won't get fat. off the fattening foods he won't die 30 years and died October 2, 1891, in Louisville, Kentucky, business, in 1850, but the business failed in 1873, Then, we see fat people smoking cigarettes, early. We would hate., to be the paramedics and probably the grandfather of the young lady who and in 1875 he was elected cashier of the Selma They take years to kill and the end days of who willi tO ievive him before they tote him writes. He was a son of Alpheus E. Baker, who was Savings Bank, which position he occupied for born November 3, 1787, and graduated with Daniel twenty years. He was Mayor of Selma from 1882 smokers is agonizingly miserable. Family off. Lots of good wine produces better babies Webster, and became eminent as a teacher in the until 1884. He enlisted in the Confederate Army, in members provided this observation opportuni- and more of them. - ' south. April 1862, and was mustered out after serving General Alpheus Baker was so thoroughly edu- ninety days. He was a Mason, and a Presbyterian. Black copsarrest black riot cated by his father that he became a teacher at the He married the first time in lZ57 to, MamieStrang, age of sixteen. He taught in Marengo County in daughter of General Strang of Mobile. He married 1848, and was admitted to the bar at Linden, in the second time, in September, 1883, to Sallie H. 1849, but soon after removed to Eufaula where he Clancy of Marion. His children by first marriage; After six black cops arrested a long time killed a black man. practiced his profession until 1861 when he entered Mattie, born July 29, 1858, and died in July; 1860, felony drug dealer up north, the other blacks in Liberal owned and run television networks the Confederate Army as captain of the "Eufaula Strang, born May 7, 1860, and died June 12, 1872; Rifles" which he led to Robert Harry, born July 4, town rioted and burned up stores, homes, cars, played up this as cops killing a black. Leroy Pensacola. In November, 1862, and died Docember and anythingthey wanted to. The mayor had Obama also called the cops bad names. 1861, at Fort Pillow, he was 17, 1896; Allie, was born told the the police force to stand down. This was outrage until the media began elected colonel of the Fifty- October 4, 1864, mamed She displayed her African heritage by not explaining how six blackcops arrested One fourth Alabama regiment, the Eugene Butler; Lizette, command participating in the born September 23, 1874, enforcing civilized law. Perhaps she feared her black drug dealer with a long criminal record siege of New Madrid. The and died September 23, home Would be the next burned down by and no whites were involved, regiment was captured on the 1895. Children by second uncivilized thugsl Maybe she had already Can the northeastern news media be more Mississippi River, April 19, marriage, James Clancy, cashed her check for that week and was drunk, stupid? '- 1862, but in September, the born June 24, 1884, mar- prisoners were exchanged, ried Corn Huggins; Carrie, There is no doubt about it, she failed to keep Watch how they cover up for Hillary and the regiment was allowed born September 3, 1885, her oath to uphold the constitution of the Clinton. Watch how they play down the stupid to go. married Ramsey Bancroft; During the engagement on John W., born December, United States of America. Or, it could be a things Barack Obama does for the next two the Yazoo River at Fort 1886; Cecil, born reflection of her public education, years. Pemberton, located on a creek December 21, 1889. The black drug dealer had undergone recent Anything northern or Ivy League reeks of which was afterward called He removed to back surgery and was supposed to have bed distrust and outright deception. "Baker's Creek" in his honor, Meridian, Mississippi, he was severely wounded, where-he died. rest but he went out and manufactured illegal Maybe we should let the uncivilized thugs and he was for some time .... . ....... . The late Benjamin H. Baker, was drugs to sell. bum down more northern cities. That would absent from his command. ..... JoeIDesakerJones born April 1, 1811, in HiS wallowing around in the jail truck fin- disrupt the economy and get somebody's On March 5, 1864, he was Walton County, Georgia, promoted brigadier-general and assigned March 19, and died June 4, 1864, at Crawford, Alabama. Little ished breaking his spine and he died. The attention, to a brigade, which consisted of the Thirty-seventh, ; is known about his ancestry except that his mother thugs said they rioted becausepolice had Fortieth, and Forty-second Alabama regiment. On was killed by lightning while rocking the cradle in July 2& 1864, he was wounded at the battle of Ezra which he lay. His early educational opportunities Church. In the middle of September, his brigade, were very limited. He moved to Russell County in was transferred to Mobile, and increased by the 1836, whic h County he served as herifffrom 1840 ] ]Orr{ ]lorr andadditi°n of the Third Alabama Battalion reserves,the Twenty-second Louisiana regiment. In until 1843. He read law andbegan the practice in1844. January 1865, his brigade left Mobile to join the He was a Bell and Everett Elector, and debated Confederate Army in the Carolinas, and participat- with Yancy in eastern Alabama against Yancy's rad- USPS 153-380 ed in the battle of Bentonville, March 19, 1865. At ical views. He was a Mason and a member of the the close of the war he returned to his home in Methodist Episcopal Church south. He married first Eufaula and practiced law, leaving in November, in 1830, to Martha Oliver, an orphan, who died six Published every Thursday at The Dem0crat-Reporter at l08 East Coats Edit0r-Publisher Go0dloeSutt0n 1878, for Louisville where he died. HewasRoman months later. He married the second time at Avenue, Linden, Marengo County, Alabama 36748. Postmaster, please send changes0faddresto: Catholic, and married the ,first time January 7, Forsyth, Georgia, in 1833, to Eliza Greer, and his P. O. Box 480040, Linden,Alabama 36748 Telephone 334/295-5224 Office Manager Barbara Quinney ]851, to Louise Garvin, and after her death, he mar- children were; Mary Ann, married Sidney Smith; ried the second time on December 4, 1866, to James Monroe Frances M., Harrison; Punch;Albert LindenReporterestablished1879.Mateng0Dem0cratestablished1889. Pheribee, daughter of Robert Ricks, of Clay C.; Elisha H.; Benjamin M.; Sidney Smith; Helen Consolidated 1911 as The Dem0crat-Reporter. Periodicals postage paid at Sports Jim DeWitt County, Georgia. His children, Pheribee May, died M., and Lura Belle. Demopolis, Alabama. Subscfipfion prices include sales tax phs postage and handling, young, Eliza, married John A. Murray; Robert Albert C., was at one time chief justice of the InMarengo, Clarke, Choctaw, Sumter, Greene, Hale, Perry, Dalhs, and Production Manager Henry Walters Ricks, marred a Miss Harton; Parilee, married supreme court of Arizona. Benjamin M., served in - James A. Edwards; Julia, died in infancy, Sterling the Texas legislature, and as judge of the thirty-first Wdc0x Counties, annual subscriptions are $35.00. ' • T, died young, judicial district of Texas. Outside these above noted counties in Alabama, $50.00. Production Assistant Angela Compton My opinion is, that Parliee Edwards, is the moth- So long until next time... Outside Alabama $60.00.